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Coaching Services

I work with day and swing traders as well as stock market investors. I will coach you on identifying the potential in your positions and help you understand where  they can go. Together we chart your positions and I walk you through potential opportunities that currently exist. I also provide live discussion and analysis to get you up to speed on recognizing repeatable patterns that give you higher ROIs by letting you stay in trades longer while also minimizing your risk.

Market Analysis

Trading Program

2 Week Quick Start Trading Program

Training course for new or experienced traders that aspire to become a full-time traders.  

  • Learn the basics of market structure

  • Understand market psychology as it relates to you

  • Choose the right trading vehicle for your goals

  • Learn the technical indicators that impact your trades

  • Work together for 6 live market sessions

  • Conduct review sessions and tweak strategy based on outcomes

Analyzing the Markets

Coaching Session

1 Time Session

A coaching session geared towards specific topics or questions. I typically discuss your trading vehicles and look at how you are currently investing. We can then outline a trade strategy for you that fits your lifestyle. From there I work with you to identify patterns and indicators that impact your trades as well as the psychology behind the market. Lastly, you will walk away knowing the best days, times and seasons to trade your vehicle.

Stock Market Data

Trading Coach

Ongoing coaching to grow your trading and investment ability

We will discuss your trading and investing goals and develop a tool-kit that fits your needs. My goal is to teach you what I know so you are able to invest and trade on your own for years to come. 

  • Learn the best trading vehicles for your needs

  • Capitalize on long-term income producing opportunities

  • Understand seasonal market patterns

  • Learn when to do nothing

  • Gain confidence in your own technical analysis

  • Gain an understanding of position sizing, how to get trades with little or no risk and how to draw your own charts

  • Learn the psychology of the market

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

General Market Package

Recommended for buy and hold investors

  • Up to 5 Stocks/Charts delivered to you every weekend

  • Weekly Technical Analysis for key positions

  • Know where your holdings are, and where they can go

  • Capitalize on weekly buy and sell opportunities

  • Online support to discuss overall conditions, techniques, trading psychology and ROI

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