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Steven Petrovich

Founder & Owner

M.A. In Psychology, NYU

As a former Leadership Coach and Human Behavior Specialist in New York City Healthcare, Steven has extensive experience in dealing with behavior modification, learning theory and psychology. This experience has allowed him to translate that skill set into his love of dogs and into the dog training world where he now helps humans to clearly communicate with their dogs and better understand their true needs. 

Steven is a balanced trainer that began working to rehabilitate his own dog in 2016 and gained extensive knowledge and hands-on-experience by using a variety of approaches and techniques to help his dog be his best. 

Since then he has worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners to have a respectful relationship that mentally, physically and emotionally enriches the lives of both dogs and humans for years to come. 

Steven currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his Dog Dodger and his Wife. 

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